pHealth 2022

Oslo, Norway, 7 - 10 November 2022

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News (15​.09.2022): registrati​on for pHealth 2022 is open now.” 

“All registered pHealth 2022 participants are welcome to the full-day pre-conference workshop on November 7th on the same venue as pHealth 2022! The workshop consists of 14 research and innovation projects funded by the Research Council of Norway to cover the topics of clinical and health informatics.”

Dear Colleague,
We thank you very much for your support in one or more of our pHealth conferences as well as related events of the European Federation of Medical Informatics (EFMI). We would like to direct your attention to the coming pHealth 2022 Conference, happening on 8-10 November 2022 in Oslo, Norway, organized by the eHealth and Welfare Security group at the Department of Information Security and Communication Technology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and co-host by Norwegian Computing Center - Norsk Regnesentral(NR). 

The 2022 edition of pHealth will emphasize the interrelated aspects of pHealth, i.e. advanced digital health ecosystems. In that context, mobile technologies, micro-nano-bio smart systems, bio-data management and analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and robotics for personalized health, the Health Internet of Things (HIoT), systems medicine, public health and virtual care. It also addresses new potential risks for security and privacy as well as safety chances and challenges, trustworthiness of partners and processes, the motivation and empowerment of patients in care processes, and health systems challenges in developing countries. The multilateral benefits of pHealth technologies for all stakeholder communities give enormous potential, not only for medical quality improvement and industrial competitiveness, but also for managing health care costs and, last but not least, improving patient experiences. 

The pHealth 2022 committees strive towards the possibility of including workshops and related pre-conference events for graduates and PhD students in the field. The event is hosted by the  eHealth and Welfare Security group at the Department of Information Security and Communication Technology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, together with the Southern and Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority and co-host by Norwegian Computing Center - Norsk Regnesentral (NR). 

Traditionally, pHealth 2022 is supported by the European Federation for Medical Informatics (EFMI) and especially its Working Groups Personal Portable Devices (PPD), Security, Safety and Ethics (SSE), and Translational Health Informatics (THI), but also by the Standards Developing Organizations ISO/TC215, CEN/TC251, and HL7 International. 

"Following the tradition of former pHealth conferences, we will bestow the pHealth 2022 CaseMix Young Scientist Best Paper Award. Eligible for this award are persons aged <=35 years, being main authors and presenters of accepted pHealth 2022 contributions."

As this conference will be definitely the last in my role as Chair of a pHealth International Scientific Program Committee, I count on your support making this final event a successful one both regarding your submission and regarding your support as reviewer for guaranteeing the high quality pHealth papers have been formally acknowledged for. In that context, I cordially ask you to register as soon as possible at reviewer, so allowing me to assign very few papers in your fields of expertise to you. Thank you so much for your support!

Prof. Dr. habil. Bernd Blobel, FACMI, FACHI, FHL7, FEFMI, FIAHSI Chair of the pHealth 2022 International Scientific Program Committee (SPC)
Assoc. Prof. Bian Yang Chair of the pHealth 2022 Local Organizing Committee (LOC)